To AIM for being a wholehearted person living a conscious soulful life requires going within, AIMin. That is one of AIMin´s cornerstones.  Our awareness helps us create a good balance between being, exploring, and taking brave steps towards a richer life.
I will guide you!

 AIMin- conscious living & leadership

Whatever we decide to be or do in life, it will always be related to our inner world, whether we are conscious about it, or not.

The connection to our inner being and knowing will make a huge impact on how we create and live our life. My guidance is about person growth and living your life beyond the ordinary. To live fully!

Anna Ugander

Experience-based learning

AIMin services focus on a process of personal development that encourages exploring personal experiences through mental and practical exercises. Learning is more efficient and lasts longer, when associating actions and information with emotions. Learning also involves continuous training and practice, that builds new behaviours leading to success!

Conscious Presence
The art of being here and now, and letting go of inner or outer noise. It means listening and feeling the inner natural wisdom, and acting on opportunities that arise.  In order to use its power, conscious presence requires practicing the ability to be in serenity and silence.

Theory and Tools
All the services provided incorporate theory and models for intellectual understanding, and practical tools which are efficient and easy to implement in your everyday schedule. The foundations come from Anna's own training and work with psychosynthesis, therapy, coaching, shamanic work, gestalt, leadership, NLP, NVC, guided meditations, mental training, breath work, etc.

We create awareness through things happening within, around us, and in interplay with others and the environment - learning through experiences in situations and relations. Time for reflection is natural and required in conscious self-leadership and management.

Human Encounters and Creative Power
Encounters between people enable mirroring of ourselves.  That is why I really enjoy group coaching and courses, it contributes to the  development. Through dialogue, we can exchange experiences and open up to differences. It enables us to see ourselves through someone else, and make it possible for us to see ourselves with new perspective.

When stretching a bow and AIM, your sight is steady, you release the arrow, then... you relax in faith and confidence...

AIMin philosophy 

Human development is a natural and ongoing movement. We are "a whole", consisting of thoughts, emotions, body, soul and spirit, the harmony within and between these resources is important for how we feel and act.    

Your development takes place via your inner self,  all power comes from within, either it's motivation or frustration. All development starts with You, if you're not going within, you will go without yourself.

Increased awareness is the first step in personal or spiritual development. Only when you are aware, do you have the possibility to change and influence. You become more aware thru experience-based learning, mentioned above.

Human development requires, not only awareness, also inner power in form of will and action.  Not having a will is like sitting in a boat without oars. To reach your heart's inner visions and dreams, you need to step into your responsibility and take action.  

Clear communication is required for conscious self-leadership and it improves all kinds of meetings and relationships. Increased awareness through internal and external processes, in order to create loving internal and external dialogue.  

When you choose to take charge and be the director, you can create your own life and choose the approach that contributes to you and humanity. You have the freedom to sit in the center of the hurricane, look at the life storm, then act on your own conscious choices for the greater good.

AIMin values 


About personal development 

HELP YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Development and expansion is a natural process since the only constant in the universe, is motion. You can help to embrace that natural skill and work together with it. When you learn to become silent and listen to your amazing resources, thoughts, emotions, body, soul and spirit you will never be bored, feel alone, or lack anything. You will always have inner guidance, helping you to go in the directions that contribute to you, and it will always work in your favour.  Focus on your own self actualisation is about self-love and not being egocentric. It is a way of being more understanding, loving and able to be more empathic and caring for others and our world, an altruistic love.

The tricky part on the personal (3D) development journey, is to know when it´s your defences and learned strategies that think, speaks and acts, and not your true essence. That is part of personal development, to distinguish the ego and the soul. We are trying our best to remember who we truly are, beyond "the illusion". We explore, we get insights, we practice, we develop and the circle naturally continues.

I have worked with personal development for 25 years, I help my clients to understand the complexity in an easy way and that you don´t need to suffer while developing. I will give you teachings, that is often transformational itself,  simple tools you can use forever, guided meditations, breathing technics, mindset training, bodywork, shamanic approach, coaching and counseling.

Understanding, there is actually no goal to reach, there are no right and wrong, the ego is not bad and soul good, they work together, and you are the only one, who can either be in the way or help with the collaboration. There is no time or fight to concur, there is only now and how we embrace this moment. The now, is what creates the future, without expectations and with a positive vision, vibration and faith. We are the now!

The experiences will not always be what you want, they will be what you need, for your soul's experience and expansion. When learning to love yourself, feeling you are part of "the everything", knowing your inner self/light-being is connected to what is above and beyond, you will trust that everything is always perfect divine design! When being there, there are no questions, everything has it's purpose, everything is as it is and You are, and I am.

About spiritual development

Being spiritual is a vast word and it means different things to all of us. In Maslows pyramid it is the top and above, self-actualization and beyond. It is when a human achieves a certain level of awareness and can reach other realms and dimensions, usually through silence and meditation. For me it is being aware of and feeling the connection to our inner being/soul/spirit, which is connected to, The everything, Source, God, Universe, Love or Life-force, the definitions vary, and you choose the word and meaning you prefer.

My skill is to feel vibrations and know the essence behind ego, body language and communication. In that way I can, by my intuition or through my guides help you find new ways of thinking, being, acting or communicating on a higher frequency. I feel the 5th-dimensional frequency and with that said, it doesn´t mean I´m "there" all the time, I'm constantly learning, developing and transforming on my everyday life path.

No one is complete, no one is a guru, we are all on our path. Now more than ever it is time to be our own Masters, in our own lives. Still, it is always incredibly valuable to have someone/others guiding, coaching, supporting, to find what's true for ourselves. I definitely have my guides beside me on my journey, and I also learn from my clients all the time. That is the beauty, we always mirror ourselves and contribute to each other.

We are part of the creation, actually, we are the creation, body, mind, the spirit is one, with no separation. In this very expanding time, the frequency on our planet is rising fast, we are all a part of that large shift. That is also why more and more people are waking up, being more interested in alternative ways of thinking, being and living.

Throughout this shift in our world, it really helps following the life flow and the earth transformation.  Meaning staying aligned and in high-frequency feelings, like joy, faith, love, or happiness. Do the things that keep you aligned and in high vibrations. It could also be too,  consciously and empathetically embracing feelings like sorrow, anger, sadness which come from past experiences and that you no longer need or want to carry.

These old feelings are supposed to go through us, heal and leave our system to be able to raise our frequency.  This earth time is often described, as going from the 3rd dimension, over the bridge in the 4th, into the 5th dimension. It is a huge shift, and for many an unknown path. It is happening a lot in our physical bodies and also in our light bodies during this transformation. The dimensions are like opening doors in our minds to reach higher consciousness, and the physical part of us, need to upgrade, into higher realms. I am here to guide you through the frequency shift.