Conscious living & leadership

Are you in charge of your self and life?  

Do you feel passionate about your work and do you feel a deeper meaning and higher purpose?

Do you live fully, waking up with a smile, or having the tools to change, when you don't. 
Do you have loving relationships?
If not, make a decision and change! Every day is a precious gift!  
Your life is now, live it and love it!

Coaching & Mentoring 

1.  Exclusive one-to-one + online program - A life changing Holistic Coaching program with full support  (I only take on 5 clients) - about 4-5 month intensive

2. Medium Coaching package - 10 sessions, 7-10 months with Self assessment and Measurable self inventory and Self-Mastery tools online. This is the most bought program for leaders who want to lead and live a conscious life.

3. Basic Coaching package 6 sessions, about 3-6 month  When having a special topic or challenge to be coached in

Since I've been a therapist, elite athlete and leadership coach myself, I have helped people with their development in many areas, here are some of my core areas.  
- Corporate and management coaching, counseling, leadership-programs and workshops - deep personal development & conscious leadership with a holistic process and change (read more under leadership and management) 

- Coaching and mind training with meditation & breath-work  - great for athletes, stress care, creating goals & visions, and mindset change 

- Couples coaching and relationship communication - 
heart communication in any relationships

I have had spiritual retreats all over the world for since 2006 
If you want to know more or book me for a retreat with a group you can send me a message below and ask to book a call. Explore a life changing week on a personal and spiritual Retreat with masterclasses, shamanic teachings,  yoga, meditation, breath work together. 

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AIMin coaching & counseling 

My coaching is both practical and spiritual and comes with easy, dynamic, and powerful transformation tools.  All my work is for you to become a more wholehearted person feeling more authentic. I will guide you to live more consciously and to create a meaningful and  soulful life in the direction of your desires and goals.

Whether you are a Leadership consultant, entrepreneur, athlete or Leader, your success comes from being who you are and how you show up in the world. My coaching is a catalyst for positive change in the direction of your needs and visions. It can mean getting better at doing something or developing to be who you truly want to be. Together we create the conditions for your personal and professional  growth. 

Is this for you?  

Coaching and counseling are for leadership coaches, successful entrepreneurs, managers, athletes and groups who want to develop and implement changes within your leadership and life.  You realise you're not using your full capacity and are willing to invest in yourself for reaching higher potentials in your career or in life.

You want to change and are curious to explore more about your inner wisdom, your hidden talents, and what's beyond your knowing. You might have a sense of who you can become and are longing to connect with all that power and magic that is waiting to emerge. You are a person who are committed, want to thrive and be the director in your own life and live more consciously!

Your role

Change comes from within, therefore your will to change is vital in our collaboration. You are responsible for the content in the coaching and the practice between our sessions, which will give you the results you wish for.  I work with engaged and committed persons who are willing to make a change.

My role

Since I'm both coaching and counseling, you will have the possibility to build your toolbox for life. Except coaching questions and bringing the process forward, I share my experience, intuition and educate you in different techniques, models, and tools for your highest expansion. I will challenge you to go beyond your knowing.

My experience and my customers

I have coached in Self-leadership for about 25 years. Mostly individuals looking for personal and spiritual development, a life change or sports achievment and management. My experienced as a personal trainer, horse rider and as an elite athlete in the world championships has contributed to my holistic knowledge.

I've been in the corporate world since 2009, coaching management groups, co-workers, leaders, and CEOs.  Also creating and facilitating leadership programs and leadership workshops. Since I am a  therapist I´ve worked as a specialist in groups in need of a mediator, deeper communication, crises, and teambuilding.

 AIMins typical customer is successful entrepreneurs,  leaders, coaches, executive managers, CEOs, elite athletes, other coaches, couples and people who are willing to expand their awareness and personal growth or to explore their spirituality.  For example, learn how to live more in the 5th dimension, and still enjoy the 3 rd, creating a positive, free and faithful mindset and way of living.