AIMin - Conscious Living & Leadership in Organisations


Leadership coaches, Entrepreneurs and Managers lead, but they are not always the best at leading themselves or living consciously. In my Holistic coaching program you will learn more about being your true self and how to create a Holistic and aware life.  

It includes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life balance.  A holistic way of living and leading allows you to create a more soulful way of being, feeling joyful and passionate both in life and in your profession. 


My coaching & counseling are usually described as different and transformational.  It is deep and direct; intuition, authenticity, and awareness are natural ingredients.  The results comes with your acountability, engagement, and practice.

I use various tools and methods in collaboration with what works for you. We co-create positively to reach your goals and celebrate your progress. I have an Exclusive one-to-one program, for those who really want to make a life changing journey.


- Change management
- Values and living the talk
- Communication and feedback
-Collaboration-building your team

I have worked in large companies since 2009,  creating and facilitating Leaderhipprograms, Trainee programs and supporting  Management groups and teams. The above  is only some examples,  let me know your needs, and let's find out how we can co-create!

IKEA - E.ON - VOLVO - SSAM - Sony Ericsson - Awapatent - Atos Medical - Lindab - Silence Therapeutics GmbH - Mildef - Holtab - Navet - Future ITpartner - Affärsverken - Länsstyrelsen - Öresundskraft - Malmö Stad - Friskia - Forza - Transfer - Nordvästra Skånes folkhögskola - Attramera

Håkan Ljungkvist, head of human resources Volvo CE, earlier at IKEA 

For me, Anna is the obvious choice when we are in need of a competent and enthusiastic coach, supervisor, or lecturer linked to individual-leader or team development. She has in a great way trained individuals in our talent and potential leaders program.  She has guided teams and leaders to move forward in their development. It will simply be incredibly good when Anna Ugander is involved.

Ilse Svensson de Jong, PhD

As a scientist, I am always interested in trying to get an edge and drive my performance. Anna showed me how to shift my mindset, I was able to access both new understanding and clarity to outperform.

If you want to shift gear, give her experience a go! 

Petter Renberg, Finance director E.ON, now COO at Min doktor

I have worked with Anna for many years, both for my personal development and also for leadership team development. Anna is great to work within all ways. She is inspiring, challenging and has a deep understanding of what drives different types of people.  She is very action-oriented and very good at concluding big topics into clear actions for the team and individuals. She is open and gives lots of energy to everyone around, alway.


- Corporate Coaching since 2009 – CEOs, Managers, Management groups, Leaders, Coaches, Co-          
- Leadership educations
- Team development and team building
- Workshops  and seminars – Stress care, Communication & feedback, Leadership, Mindset & coaching  
- Trainee-program E.ON - Personal and leadership development  - since 2009
- My personal leadership program E.ON -  during 4 years
- Potential Leadership program IKEA AB – during 4 years
- Talent program - IKEA AB - during 4 years
- Akademi Båstad – 5 days leadership education
- Obvious leaders – 5 days open leadership education during 4 years  
- The joyful leadership - 3 days education
- Leadership retreat around the world

More about AIMin - conscious living and leadership

A conscious leader lives his values as the being he/she is in life, a role model leading by example. I coach and develop managers and management teams from a holistic perspective.  I create a balance between the human and business values, to greater success for the individual and the organisation as a whole.

 I develop managers towards clear and common values, goals, and results. The ability to show the way and guide teams or organisations towards goals, is a condition, to succeed with great results as a leader. Understanding and being connected to the purpose is essential to be an obvious and clear leader.  

To AIM for success, a conscious leader starts with his/her own inner leadership, AIMin. The conscious leader creates a good balance between being, exploring, and developing both the inner and outer leadership towards goals and visions.

AIMin - works from three arenas

Your prosperity is directly related to who you are and how you show up in the world. We explore your inner arena and your personal development. We are working with your self-awareness, values, and approach, also how others perceive you and your way of being and acting.

Management teams 
If you really want to create a collaborative team with high awareness, I am coaching the individual leadership together within the management group and I coach management-team collaboration and development as a whole.

The interpersonal arena and your leadership. What roles and individuals are included in your team? Who are you, related to others. Focus on collaboration, relationships, communication, and feedback.  

The organization
The integrated arena and your leadership. Which organization do you and your management team belong to?

Together we work with your connection to the values, goals, and visions that your company holds. Learning to implement them in your leadership and how you live them, within your organization.

Experience-based  learning

AIMin Leadership work process-oriented. The developing process is explored through own experiences with practical exercises. 

We learn more efficiently by doing, information together with emotions creates learning. It gives an insight an awareness that is felt and stays over time. I see training as an obvious part of learning. Practice creates new behaviours and leads to success! 

Conscious presence
Practicing the ability to be in serenity and silence and use it´ s power. The art of being here and now, being able to let go of inner or outer noise. To listen and feel the inner natural wisdom and act on the opportunities that arise.  

Theory and tools 
I use theory and models for intellectual understanding and practical tools which are efficient and easy to implement in your everyday schedule. 

Psychosynthesis, therapy, coaching, shamanic work, gestalt, leadership, NLP, NVC, guided meditations, mental training, breath work, Yoga, music etc.  

We create awareness through things happening within, around us, and in interplay with others and the environment - learning through experiences in situations and relations. Time for reflection is natural and a requirement in conscious self-leadership and management.  

Human encounters and it´s creative power 
Encounters between people enable mirroring of ourselves. Through dialogue, we can exchange experiences and open up to differences. 
It enables us to see ourselves through someone else and make it possible for us to see ourselves with new perspectives  

When stretching a bow and AIM,  you breathe, silence yourself within and get steady, you release the arrow, then you relax in faith and confidence..

AIMin Values


AIMin Leadership  Business Idéa

AIMin develops managers to become conscious leaders. Meaning when having met your own depth and developed an ability to use a higher awareness, resources and skills.  

When you become "your best self" you are an obvious, clear, and conscious leader. I guide individuals in aware and active leadership with the purpose of leading oneself and others - towards new successes. 

A leadership based on genuine and good values stimulates, individual's development towards well-being, commitment, and personal goals - cooperation and good team spirit - the company as a whole, and is aligned with building a good society.  

My vision is to make a difference and contribute to a greater more conscious world. My passion is to develop individuals into more prosperous, engaged, and loving people in the way that they feel they are living a conscious soulful life. 

Prosperous, engaged, and loving people, will contribute and make a difference to a greater more conscious world. 

AIMin philosophy

Human development is a natural and ongoing movement. You are all a "whole" consisting of thoughts, emotions, body, soul, and spirit, the harmony within and between these resources is important for how you feel.  

Your development takes place via your inner self and all power comes from within, either it´s motivation or frustration. 
All development starts with You, if you don't go within, you will go without yourself.  

Increased awareness is the first step in personal or spiritual development. Only when you are aware, you have the possibility to change and influence. 

Human development requires, not only awareness but also inner power in form of will and action.  Not having a will is like sitting in a boat without oars. To reach your heart's inner visions and dreams mean you step into your responsibility and take action. 

Clear communication is required for conscious leadership and it improves all kinds of meetings and relationships. Increased awareness means previous internal and external processes in order to have a loving internal and external dialogue. 

When you choose to be the director, you can create your own life and choose the approach that contributes to you and humanity. 
You have the freedom to sit in the center of the hurricane and look at the life storm, then act on your own conscious choices for the greater good. The developing process is explored through own experiences with practical exercises.